Biased Based Profiling

The Sebastian Police Department unequivocally states that bias based profiling in law enforcement is totally unacceptable and prohibited.


It is the belief of this agency that the Constitution of the United States guarantees that all who live in this nation have the right to equal protection and that they are free from unreasonable searches and seizures by government agents. At no time will an Officer of the Sebastian Police Department be permitted to stop a vehicle based on a racial, ethnic, or gender based profile.  The City of Sebastian has high standards governing actions of its Officers and if you feel that you have been stopped or searched based solely on a racial, ethnic, or gender based profile, you are encouraged to contact a supervisor of the Sebastian Police Department in person or by calling 772-589-5233 to address your concerns.




Biased Based Profiling: The detention, interdiction, or other disparate treatment of any person on the basis of their racial or ethnic status or characteristics.



This department is firmly committed to establishing and maintaining close ties with, and responding to the needs of the community.  The department is equally committed to its partnership with the community.


Although the police do not make the laws, they are obligated to enforce regulations and impose restrictions called for by laws and ordinances for the sole purpose of preserving public order, peace, and safety, as well as protecting individual rights and freedoms.  This shall be accomplished in the public interest and within the framework of the law.


It is the responsibility of the police to prevent crimes insofar as possible, to search out and arrest violators of the law, and to present the facts of the case to the prosecuting agency.


We are here to protect the community.  Law enforcement officers are required to use skills developed through observation, training, and experience in order to identify suspicious circumstances, unusual occurrences, and violations of law, and to act according to the situation.  We contact people who, according to our training, experience, and knowledge, are in a place or are acting in a way to make us believe that a crime was committed, is about to be committed, or is in the process of being committed.  This proactive approach aids in the detection and apprehension of criminals, maintains the safety of our streets and highways, and protects our citizens and community from crime.


Any person may file a complaint with the Sebastian Police Department if they feel they have been stopped  or searched based on racial, ethnic, or gender based profiling by calling 772-589-5233. You will be issued a citizen complaint form which may be mailed or delivered in person to the Police Department. This report shall be forwarded to the Internal Affairs Office. All such complaints shall be reviewed, the complaint acknowledged to the complainant in writing, and the complainant shall be informed of the results of the review within a reasonable amount of time.


The Sebastian Police Department is committed to the equal treatment of all persons, without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, handicap, or age.  This agency considers any complaints regarding employee violations to be serious and deserving of an immediate, fair, and thorough investigation.


The men and women of the Sebastian Police Department are dedicated to protecting life and property, maintaining peace and order, and to insure that its citizens are afforded the best possible atmosphere in which to work, live, and play.

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