Code Enforcement

False Alarm Reduction

The Code Enforcement Division enforces codes to ensure the beauty and character of the city by responding to citizen complaints and self-initiated enforcement.


To contact the Code Enforcement hot line please dial 772-388-4436 and select option 1 to leave a detailed message of the issue if no one is available to answer the call.  Most calls can be made anonymously. We must have the caller’s information regarding vacant lots overgrowing onto improved properties in order to follow through with those complaints.


Complaints can also be submitted using our Online Complaint Form.


Our two Code Enforcement Officers are Curtis Bloomfield and  Richard Iachini.  They are on duty during daytime business hours Monday through Friday, Saturdays and every other Sunday. Administrative Assistant Janickie Smith processes the complaint calls and assigns them to the officer handling the specific area of town.


The Code Enforcement Division handles zoning compliance issues such as scattered trash, debris and litter and overgrown grass and weeds on properties.  We also respond to vacant lots that have overgrown onto improved properties, parking issues such as oversized trailers and recreational vehicles, parking in the swales, noise issues, and compliance with the city’s sign code.


For more information on the City's codes, please review the  City of Sebastian's Land Development Code and Code of Ordinances.



To contact the Alarm Office dial 772-388-4436 and select option 2.


Janickie Smith is the False Alarm Reduction Administrator.


All alarms at properties within the city limits of Sebastian must be registered with the Sebastian Police Department. This includes monitored and non-monitored alarms, residential and business.


There is a $10.00 application fee for registration and if there are no false alarms within each year of registration, the renewal is automatic and free.  If one false alarm occurs within any year, a renewal notice is sent out with a $10.00 fee due. A second false alarm generates a warning letter.


On the third false alarm a $50.00 fine is imposed. The fines then increase with each future alarm within a year as follows: Fourth alarm fine is $100.00; Fifth and all others are $250.00 each.


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