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Alarm Reduction Permit:

Do you have an alarm permit?.... Chapter 39 of the City of Sebastian's Code of Ordinances requires all active alarm systems, whether monitored by an a alarm company or not, be registered with the City...The permit process is a simple one with a short application to be filled out with the name, address and telephone number of the resident, business, the name of the alarm company, information on the premises such as, are there any animals or chemicals on the property, and the name and telephone number of representatives that will be able to respond to an alarm activation.

After submitting this application, along with the $10.00 fee, to the Sebastian Police Department, the applicant will receive an Alarm Permit Decal to be placed on an unobstructed window that is visible from the street in front of the residence or business.

This permit is renewable annually. If there is no false alarm within 365 days, the permit is automatically renewed, one or two false alarms in that period will result in the owner being notified by mail that a $10.00 renewal fee is owed to the City of Sebastian. Fines will be assessed for three or more false alarms dispatched within the calendar year.

Call the Alarm Administrator Susan Lorusso at 772-589-5233 extension 8285, stop by the Sebastian Police Department for an Alarm Permit application. You can also download it below.

Alarm Permit Application (PDF)