Road Patrol

Sebastian Police Department consists of 36 sworn officer positions.  These positions also include our Command Staff, Investigations Division, Special Operations, School Resource Officer and our Community Policing Officer. Additionally, the Department also has a Reserve Officer Program.


Those officers assigned specifically to Road Patrol are divided into four shifts working 12 hour rotations.  We work around the clock to serve and protect the citizens of the City.  Officers respond to a variety of call types including bank robberies, home and vehicle burglaries, shoplifting, as well as routine service calls.


The agency’s annual in-house training provides valuable techniques and maneuvers to keep our officers and the community safe when fighting against those who commit crime.  During this training period officers are also provided time with local State Attorneys to review new and upcoming legislation that effects our community.


The core of any agency is the Road Patrol Division.  The knowledge and experience gained from being a Patrol Officer allows you to broaden your career into the other fields in Law Enforcement that this agency amply provides.  So if you think you have what it takes to be an Officer with Sebastian Police Department please visit our recruiting page for more information.

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