Building Code Specialty Permits

DescriptionRateConditionsMinimum Fee
A/C Change-Out$75Flat FeeN/A
Above Ground Pools$75Flat FeeN/A
Aluminum Structures$125Flat FeeN/A
Commercial Roofs -All types Up to 5,000 square feet$150Flat FeeN/A
Concrete/slab$105Flat FeeN/A
Demolition of Building or Structure$105Flat FeeN/A
Driveway$100Flat FeeN/A
Electrical4.5% of Permit Fee$75N/A
Electrical Service Change$75Flat FeeN/A
Electrical Signs$90 per unit plus $60 each additional unitPer Application$90
Fences$75Flat FeeN/A
Gas Appliance$75 plus $2 per AppliancePer Application$75
Irrigation System$75Flat FeeN/A
Mechanical4.5% of Permit Fee$75N/A
Miscellaneous with a Value Under $3000 and Only One Inspection Required$75Flat FeeN/A
Moving a Building or Structure$105Flat FeeN/A
Non-Electrical Signs$45 per unit plus $30 each additional unitPer Application$45
Parking Lot Re-Striping$100Flat FeeN/A
Plumbing4.5% of Permit Fee$75N/A
Pools and Spas$255Flat FeeN/A
Residential Roof - All types$125Flat FeeN/A
Sewer$45Flat FeeN/A
Shed or Accessory Structure$75Flat FeeN/A
Siding and Re-Stucco$105Flat FeeN/A
Sign Re-facing$45 per signFlat FeeN/A
Solar System$75Flat FeeN/A
Storm Shutters$75Flat FeeN/A
Temporary Electric Service Pole$75Flat FeeN/A
Water Service Connection Fee$25Flat FeeN/A
Window and Door Replacement$75Flat FeeN/A